Welcome to the August 2017
Surprise Challenge!
with Digicats (& Dogs)

This month we're doing a comment challenge, and so it's a little different. You won't be making anything.

Instead, I will give you a list of 10 clues, and you need to to visit our gallery and find a layout (not made by you) that fits the clue. Then I want you to leave a brief comment on the gallery page as to what you like about that layout.

Copy the layout URL, and paste it next to the clue you chose it for. When you are are finished, copy the list of clues, along with the links to the layouts you have chosen back to this thread.

There may be multiple layout that fit it clue, you just need to find one you like. You also need to have a different layout for each clue, you cannot use the same layout for multiple clues.

Are you ready? Great, here are the clues:

1. A layout with GREEN in it.
2. A layout with a BOY in it.
3. A layout showing a place you might go on holiday.
4. A layout using a mask.
5. A layout using three or more photos.
6. A layout using stacked papers.
7. A layout in which something is ripped or torn
8. A layout with a cat, dog or other pet in it.
9. A nature themed layout.
10. A layout showing something old or antiqued.

Happy Hunting! I look forward to seeing your results!


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Complete any 10 challenges and WIN A PRIZE!!! 3 Mini Kits

Use at least 50% Wilma4Ever products.
Upload your layout to the MONTHLY CHALLENGE GALLERY and in this thread.
Post your links in THE MONTHLY TRACKING THREAD as well.
Challenge ends at 11:59pm Pacific Time on 31 August, 2017