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Thread: Slow Scrap

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    4ever Member SusanSays's Avatar
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    Re: Slow Scrap

    I love seeieng all the different interpretations! Also, I realised that I really should have put shadows under my papers on the first stpe, because when it came to adding the other bits in, I kept forgetting which piece of paper was supposed to be on top of which, and I ended up with some impossible-to-fathom elements on both sides of a torn edge. So, no shadows on mine, to hide the fact that it's all over the place. Also, I didn't really cluster most of the elements. But, I did use three papers, use torn edges, have three photos, two in frames and one blended directly on to paper, have at least 10 elements, several of them peeking out from behind other things, and fit in a title and a date.

    Credits - Earth Day by Digicats (& Dogs) http://www.wilma4ever.com/w4egallery...hudson/cat/500
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    Re: Slow Scrap

    Still came out super Susan. I love seeing how everyone reads the instructions and interprets them too!
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