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Thread: March 2017 mask challenge

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    March 2017 mask challenge

    March 2017 mask challenge

    This mask comes in a black and colored version for those who can not use or recolor the mask in their software.

    Use the mask however you want as long as you use this mask in your layout

    Use at least 50% Wilma4Ever products.
    Check out all the designers at Wilma4Ever.
    They have some great stuff!
    Please give credits to the designer.

    As you all might have noticed, the forum notifications are not working well, so I might be late with sending out the links.

    Upload your layout to the MONTHLY CHALLENGE GALLERY and in this thread.
    Post your links in THE MONTHLY TRACKING THREAD as well.
    Challenge ends at 11:59pm Pacific Time on March 31th, 2017

    Some changes this month

    The prize will be the mask for the next month. So if you participate in March you will get, as a prize by the end of the month, the mask for April. As long as you participate each month you will get the link for the next month. If you do not participate on the next challenge, then the mask is your prize. You can always ask the link for the mask by PM if you didn't get it as a prize the month before.
    I will be giving out a prize at the end of the challenge for all who participates.

    If you did not participate last month, you can get the FREE mask by replying here in this forum and the link will be PMed to you. You are expected to submit a page if you request the mask.
    If for any reason you are not able to post the page you made, please let me know. You can always post late, but if you ask the link and you don't post a page 2 times without a reason, I'll not send you the link for the next month.


    Digicats - ok
    stater - ok
    Irena - ok
    dawn - ok
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