Tricks of the Trade: Easiest way to advertise on FB - first make up a list of the ad groups you are in and break them down into manageable chunks. I have list broken down in to five groups of twenty and now I've got a sixth group started. I do one group of 20 each day, so they rotate out.

Create the advert on your Designer's Page, then click the share button and select share to group. Start tying in the name of the group. It will give you a drop down box and you just pick the group you want off the drop down box.

For example, I type in "April" and it gives me AprithScrapaholic Designs and ApriltheScrapaholic Challenges. So I pick AprithScrapaholic Designs.

You can add an additional comment if you'd like if it's appropriate to the group...then click on Post.

Use the list you created as a guide line for the groups. It takes me about 10 minuted to do 20 groups depending on how fast FB is running.