WELCOME to a new Sketch Challenge for August 2016. With the Olympics fast approaching, I have been thinking long and hard about the sketch for this month. (So long and hard that I completely flaked out and missed the beginning of August...doh!!) I REALLY wanted to push my luck by using the Olympic rings, but since I had my little hand slapped for using circles two months in a row (LOL), I decided to shake it up and go with stars. While none of the little superstars in my personal world are Olympic ready (YET), they are still super awesome and total rock stars to me.

The challenge for this month is to create a layout with this sketch inspired the superstars in your life. Whether your personal superstar is an athlete or more of a “math-lete”, show them off in superstar style!

You can pick up the template set in PSD, PSPimage and PNG files here.

Feel free to add to the sketch, take away from it, move stuff around, flip it or mix it up to meet your needs. Most importantly, have fun playing with it!! Ya'll know the rules (probably better than I do), so use at least 50% Wilma4Ever products in your layout. Post your layout in the gallery as well as here in this thread, and don't forget to post a link in the monthly challenge tracking thread.
Complete 10 or more challenges to win a prize