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Thread: March 2016 Create-A-Kit Challenge with Tina Shaw

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    March 2016 Create-A-Kit Challenge with Tina Shaw

    Welcome to the March 2016 Create-A-Kit (CAK) Challenge!!!

    To participate, select a color palette (your own choosing). Iíll post an item to create each day of the month. You choose if you want it to be a paper or element (element, alpha, etc.). By monthís end, you'll have a completed kit! Create whichever items you want (or not).

    Prize awarded for participation at the end of the month!

    In this thread you may post:
    1.Questions and comments on completing each daily task.
    2.Finished items, layouts, kits and/or templates.
    3.Feel free to jump in where you can, even if you are late joining or fall behind!

    Use at least 50% Wilma4Ever products. (Well, it's your kit designed for Wilma4Ever,so yours will be 100% anyways!)
    ∑ Upload your layout to the MONTHLY CHALLENGE GALLERY and in this thread.
    ∑ Post your links in the MONTHLY TRACKING THREAD as well.
    ∑ Challenge ends at 11:59 pm Pacific Time on March 31st, 2016

    DESIGNER: March 2016 - Create-A-Kit Challenge
    March 1: Vellum
    March 2: Flair
    March 3: Chevron
    March 4: Torn Edges
    March 5: Wood
    March 6: Quilted
    March 7: Bow
    March 8: Polka Dots
    March 9: Wire
    March 10: Leather/Suede
    March 11: Photo Corner
    March 12: Felt
    March 13: Overlay
    March 14: Tape
    March 15: Beads
    March 16: Doodles
    March 17: Raffia
    March 18: Tissue Paper
    March 19: Crumpled
    March 20: Dangle
    March 21: Colorblock
    March 22: Ric Rac
    March 23: Clusters
    March 24: Border
    March 25: Bended Corner
    March 26: Weaving
    March 27: Squares
    March 28: Glass
    March 29: Inked
    March 30: Nature
    March 31: Alpha

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    Re: March 2016 Create-A-Kit Challenge with Tina Shaw

    download from my blog - http://dreamn4everdesigns.blogspot.com/

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    Re: March 2016 Create-A-Kit Challenge with Tina Shaw

    Very nice, Pauline!


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