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Thread: How to

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    Post How to

    How do I?

    We have a variety of challenges at Wilma4Ever & recently I have had a few people ask me how do I or what do I do for some of the challenges so I thought the easiest way to help was to put it in writing so if need be you can copy & paste it to keep a copy J
    Ok on to the 1st one:

    Altered Art Challenge
    For this challenge you are given a theme such as as what do you dream of. What's the meaning of life, ect. You gather your supplies and create a layout based on that theme you can use an altered kit, or alter your own. Get your creative juices flowing. Examples here.

    All About Me
    For this challenge you create an album that's all about you. This can be based on a song or anything that you enjoy. It's all about you. Examples here.

    Card Challenge
    For this challenge you are supplied a card template. With the template you can create any card you would like too. Unless you are given a specific theme & in that case you need to follow what the theme is. Examples here.

    Calendar/Desktop Challenge
    For this challenge you are asked to create either a desktop wallpaper or a calendar but you can actually combine the 2 together & create a desktop calendar wallpaper. With this there is normally a theme for you to follow. If you need help with the sizing of your wallpaper, check the resolution of your computer screen. With the newer computers you can right click on your desktop & you will see “resolution” & you click that & you will then have the correct size for you. Examples here.

    Color Challenge
    You will be given a color palette & these generally have 4-5 colors for you to choose from. You can use only a couple of them or you can use them all, it’s up to you. But you do have to have some of the colors in your layout. Examples here. Tagger version located here.

    Create A Kit Challenge
    You are given an item to create each day by your host and by the end of the challenge you will have a complete kit. Examples here.

    Font Challenge
    With this challenge you are given 1 specific font to use on your layout. Sometimes you might be asked to use more but generally it is only 1 font. You can use the font for a title or for journaling or both, it really is up to you how you use the font. Examples here. Tagger version located here.

    Journal Challenge
    For this challenge you are given a topic in which you will journal about. Sometimes you might be asked to do a few lines or you might be asked for a paragraph. As long as it is about the topic that was set for you. Examples here.

    Learning Technique Challenge
    For this challenge you are given a technique to learn, it can be anything from how to recolor an element to how to make a frame. The object is to learn something new that you can use in your layouts. Examples here.

    Lyrics Challenge
    For this challenge you are given a song and the idea is to create a layout using all or a just a few lines of that song in a layout. Examples here.

    Quote Challenge
    For this challenge you are given a quote to use on your layout. It may be a short one line quote or a whole paragraph quote & you just need to have the particular quote on your layout somewhere. There is always the name of whose quote it is & this must be on your layout as well. If it is not known whom the quote is from it will have Anonymous with it & this still needs to be on your layout. Examples here.

    Random Challenge
    This is a fun challenge!
    You really never know what is going to pop up for this challenge. As the title suggests, it is totally random. As an example: this month (April 2012) we have been given an Easter bunny template & asked to use it to create our layout. So you are getting 2 for 1 in that you are getting the template to color etc & then use it on a layout. So when you are going in to this challenge be prepared for anything!! Examples here.

    Recipe Challenge
    This challenge is pretty much self explanatory but I will explain it.
    You will be given a recipe to use for a layout, sometimes you may have a choice between 2 different recipe’s. You use this recipe on your layout but it’s up to you what your actual layout looks like. We don’t set anything for your layout just the recipe that must be used on it. Examples here.

    Scraplift Challenge
    A layout that someone has created is chosen for you to scraplift. What this means is your own layout is to be based upon the chosen layout. Examples here.

    Sample Kit Challenge
    For this you are given a small number of items to make such as 2 papers, 2 journal cards, and 4 other items. Then you are given some ideas of what to base these on like something stripped, something wet, something green ect. The idea is to have a mini sample kit when you are done. Examples here.

    Sketch Challenge
    You are given a sketch image to work with. This can come from your host or any place on the web. The idea is to create a layout based on that sketch. Examples here.

    Surprise Challenge
    Now this challenge is similar to the random challenge. Each month you will be asked to create a layout in different ways.
    This challenge is usually something that really makes you think & I feel that’s the fun of it!! An Examples here. Tagger version here.

    Template Challenge
    You are given a template to use for your layout. You make this template your own by the design you choose. Just have fun with it. Examples here. Tagger version located here.

    Word Art Challenge
    For this challenge you are given a sample for inspiration the theme is chosen by the host, you create a layout based on the theme you were given. Examples here.

    Tagger Mask Challenge
    You are given a mask to work with and with that mask you create a fun tag to use. Examples here.

    If you need any help at all please do not hesitate to ask as someone will always help you.
    Most of all the team at Wilma4Ever hopes you have fun!!!

    Where I have inserted a link for you to see samples is to previous months challenges.So you will see the main post & then you can scroll through & see how other members have interpreted the challenge to give you an idea of what I'm talking about.
    I do hope these help you but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask & one of us will certainly help!!
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