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Thread: Wilma4ever Guidelines (Please read before you post)

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    Wilma4ever Guidelines (Please read before you post)

    Here are a few simple guidelines to make things rum smooth here at Wilma4ever, please read this topic before you post!

    Images: NO Nudity, No Adult themes. In other words all breast, butts, genitalia, and nipples must be covered. We will remove ANY image in violation. This is a family forum and we do have areas that are visible to ALL ages. Do not post an image unless it belongs to YOU or you have purchased from a royalty free web site.

    No posting of advertisements, products, freebies, prizes, in the main forum. You may of course show off your challenge, and layout/tag images with a link back to your Wilma4ever gallery.

    Wilma4ever designers do have the right to post about sales, products, and freebies in the designated areas only.

    Avatars: 100 x 100 pixels, you can add these in your user setting area. We prefer that you host them when possible.

    Blinky's: Generally about 150 x 50 pixels again NO nudity or adult themes. We will remove any image in violation.

    There is an Introduction thread, a place where you can say hello to us and tell us a little about yourself. We want to get to know you.

    Signatures are welcome, we all love our bling:
    Please NO outside links, you are welcome to post up to 4 small images, no more than 3 lines and 600 px wide and not higher then a maximum of 300 px.
    (default forum settings)
    You are allowed to link to your favorite designer here at Wilma4ever.
    You are allowed to link to your own gallery here at Wilma4ever.
    You are allowed to post a link to your Newlsettter.
    You are allowed to link to your facebook page, blog, twitter, and other social networking site.
    You are allowed to post your CT blinkie's (no outside shop links please)

    We really only have a few simple requests:
    1. Treat others with respect, please do not insult, berate, or directly post things with intent to hurt. We all disagree sometimes but please do so with respect, how would you like to be treated? This is something you should ask yourself before you post.
    2. We are adults, please act as such. If you have a dispute please discuss it in private. We want to provide a friendly place with no drama where we can just come to have fun.
    3. If you see a post that looks like spam (porn links, advertisement that is not authorized by Wilma4ever) please flag that message and report it to a moderator or admin member.
    4. The Wilma4ever Staff will not delete messages in the forum, unless absolutely necessary. However we reserve the right to delete messages when we think the message is insulting, disrespectful, rude, or not suitable for this forum.
    5. Piracy and copyright violations. If you see any piracy or copyright problems please report them to an administrator or moderator in a private message. DO NOT post links to these things in the public areas of our forum. False accusations can do a lot of harm to people and the last thing we need is someone to be hurt by this action. One of our admin or moderation staff will pass the information to the persons affected.
    6. Members WILL be banned if they are in violation of any guideline we have. If you are posting rude, racist, profanity, spam, advertising (unless authorized by Wilma4ever staff), attacking other members, being disrespectful in any way, etc. you will be BANNED for 1 week. If you continue to violate our guidelines you will be BANNED permanently.
    7. You have the right to edit or remove your post, however if you need a thread you created removed you MUST contact an administrator or moderator in a private message.


    Layouts and Tags (ALL Gallery images) NO bigger than 600 x 600 pixels, flattened JPG or JPEG images ONLY.
    Please limit your posts to scrapbooking or tag images ONLY. No products, No advertisements, NO sales, NO freebies, NO prizes.
    All posting will be in the member gallery (unless you are a Wilma4ever designer or creative team member, in that case you have your own area to post in) Wilma4ever designers have the right to post products in designated areas ONLY. They have special areas to do so and you can browse them to see all the goodies they have to offer.

    No images should be posted which do not belong to YOU or that you don't have permission to post. NO piracy please.

    When posting a layout, please only post links to Wilma4ever products. In your layout or tag and we ask that you use at least 50% product from Wilma4ever.

    If you post a layout or tag that has another product please do not post outside links to other shops, blogs, or places that are not Wilma4ever, you can certainly mention the creator for credit if you want. We have our home so we can share it with you.

    When posting an image please keep one thing in mind. You can not include a url in your upload. Once your image is uploaded you can add the link(s) to the Wilma4ever product in the product description.

    If you do add a url when you uplaod you will get an error message, if you do happen to see an error mesage please notify a mod or admin via PM.

    Praise? Oh yeah! We LOVE praise! If you see something you love, PLEASE tell the poster. We ALL love to show off!

    (we reserve the right to change these as needed)
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